In GoodLab together with an enthusiastic photography lover team we not just design 3D printed cameras but also accessories for these cameras, or other 3D printed photography related tools, gadgets. 



​3D printed Goodman WLF adapter designed for the Panasonic DMC-LX15 model.

Ideal for street photographers who love shooting with a waist level finder on their compact camera, who wants to attract less attention while shooting or who wants to reduce motion blur by holding it against their body.

Not a bottle gimbal

How about a simple, old school style analoge gimbal in the world of high-tech gimbals?


We came up with this idea inspired by our hate of plastic waste. This upcycled camera stabilization solution works perfectly with smartphones or smaller compact cameras, and the 3D printed part you need is so small that you can easily take it with you everywhere in your pocket! 


Hardware kits

Scura and Goodman Zone hardware kit for those who 3D print their own camera but still in the need of the necessary hardware for the assembly.  


goodman Zone accessories

Helical lens adapter and ground glass for your 3D printed Goodman Zone medium format camera. 

With the Helical lens adapter you can easily mount large format lenses to your camera body. 

The Goodman Ground Glass is a 3D printed version of a normal ground glass, just it is lightweight, not fragile and not so expensive, 

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