Have you ever wondered how we take all those cool product videos? Incase you too are in the need of making time-lapse turntables, this device can be super useful in multiple ways.

It evolved from an idea that is part of our daily routine. An affordable, easy-to-use tool to make professional timelapse and turntable videos. The heart of this tool is the IKEA ORDNING timer, that is available in all IKEA stores around the world.


Simple yet efficient. 

The 3D printed parts can easily be attached to the timer. The device is compatible with all smartphones, cameras or go pros, and can be mounted on a tripod.


The perfect tool for product display.

With this setup, any kind of base can be mounted on the timer. This is what Goodman Lab uses for rotating product shots.


A universal mount that enables you to attach any kind of special tools such as needles or clips. This can be very useful if you want to take macro shots of smaller objects for example.

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