Goodman products are open source projects that we would like to share with anyone who has access to a 3D printer. We don’t simply offer you the opportunity to build it yourself following our assembly instructions, but to further tweak, fine tune or even redesign the models, and share your work with the community. 

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Maximizing creative freedom for the most experimenting photographers and makers



Zone focusing for street photographers who want full control.

The Goodman Art Adapter is a 3d printable DOF adapter that works with any kind of smartphone and has a replaceable projection screen. It gives you great creative flexibility, plus it's very easy to assemble. 



Our most compact and lightweight technical camera that will accompany you on every adventure you take.

3D printing combined with the basics of leatherwork. Easy to make, parametric leather bag with tons of features and modular options. 


Scura is our longest development in progress. It's a panoramic pinhole system with a precision shutter.

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