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 We are a team of analog photography enthusiasts who design 3D printed medium format and pinhole cameras. We believe that together we create devices we always wished existed.  

Your camera is a lifetime companion that knows you better than anyone else ever can. Come, join the GoodLAB, our growing community of like-minded photographers, camera makers and collectors. Participate in building a community of photography aficionados, share your ideas and let’s create something together, something of true, lasting value.



Experience building your own camera! We offer our cameras in a DIY kit and we encourage everyone to try this way of camera building. Browse between our medium format Goodman Zone, the Scura pinhole camera or other camera accessories. 

Open source projects

We offer something revolutionary: all our designs and files are available open source, for free so you can customize your camera to your heart’s content, 3D print it and assemble on your own.


Once upon a time everything was designed to last a lifetime, tailor made to your heart’s desire. Today, we live in a world where big companies define and dictate our needs instead of serving them. They’re inciting you to always follow trends and long for more.

The time for change has come. Only you know exactly how you like your own camera, that peculiar way you hold it, or the shape that fits best into your hands. Inspired by this thought we came up with something revolutionary: a free, open-source file that you can customize to your heart’s content, and 3D print your own camera.

This is what we encourage everyone to do, however also we know it's not so common to own a 3D printer. To make this experience available for everyone you can order our unique, preciously designed medium format and pinhole cameras. Choose between various types of accessories to make it more convenient to use and try one of our DIY kits and experience the joy of building your own camera. 


Environmental consciousness has never been more important than it is today. We firmly believe that every industry should strive to reduce their eco-footprint, and photography is no exception. Making the world a better place for future generations is constantly in the forefront of our minds. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for new opportunities to make greener products. On top of the noble and eternal material that wood is, we rely solely on bio-degradable plastic, and we are looking at the possibility to use recycled plastic as well as vegan leather.

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Email:  goodmancamera@gmail.com