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Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Tell us about yourself first! What made you get into photography?

To be honest it’s a little bit sad, I work from home for a large conglomerate and one day just got a little bit sick of seeing the same 4 walls everyday so I decided to blow the dust off my old Canon 400D from college to get me out of the house more.

Long story short it worked, I’ve gone to places I never would have gone to before because of photography, I’m so glad I took up the hobby again.

What is your preferred photography style and subjects to shoot?

I predominantly shoot landscapes and a little bit of wildlife but landscapes are my passion I love the process of trying to get as much of my images in camera using long exposures and filters etc.

How did you get into building cameras?

This is my first one, I’ve been curious about medium format film photography for a while but couldn’t justify the cost associated with them and then stumbled upon this project and thought it was awesome! :)

How did you find Dora Goodman, and what made you decide to take the leap?

I think I was googling 3d printed medium format camera one day and found an article on of the Goodman one, as soon as I saw I new I wanted to give it a try. It wasn’t a matter of whether I wanted to try it or not it was more how quickly can I get this things I need to make this.

Which model did you choose and why?

The goodman one

Goodman One built by Rosario Marino

Did you made any change in the camera files? If yes, what and how? If not, is there anything that you would be happy to change?

I made a few changes to the magazine but It’s still a work in progress, I made it possible to take thicker film, I use Ilford black and white film which seens to be a bit thicker than the Fujifilm others use. I also turned a couple of knobs on my lathe to make them a little stronger.

Show us some photos what you have made with your new camera!

What was the most challenging part of building your own camera?

I didn’t find it challenging to be honest, everything slotted together really nicely.

How would you compare this journey to buying a ready made camera?

There’s no comparison, they are very different experiences, building a camera gives you so much more of an understanding of how cameras work, also building a camera with such few moving parts slows down your entire process, it really makes you think about the shots you’re taking, it’s nice to slow down in this day and age.

Do you have any advice for first time camera builders?

Use a light meter app on your phone to work out the exposure and just have fun, this is all very experimental.

Do you have any previous projects that you could share with us?

Most recently I 3d printed a bracket of my Zhiyun Smooth Q Gimbal so I could use it with my Sony A5000,

Also I hacked both my A5000 and A5100 to support external mic inputs for vlogging etc.

Designed and printed magnetic, modular filter holders for my square filter system

Where can we see more from your work?

I have a small Youtube channel with a few on my projects.

I’m always tinkering something and always post what’s worthy onto my Instagram. :)

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