Meet Ivan!

Tell us about yourself first! What made you get into photography?

I started photography mainly because of my father. He has an enthusiasm about photography but mostly towards the photos rather than the camera. However, I am most intrigued with the relationship between the image and the camera so I started looking at camera mechanics. At the same time I am studying architecture at the university and got into 3D printing.

What is your preferred photography style and subjects to shoot?

I mainly shoot landscape, architecture and recently got into street photography too! 

How did you get into building cameras?

As i mentioned before, after gaining understanding at the school in architecture about 3D printing. I started looking at the connection between the 3D printing and photography, and that's when I found out the Goodman One. I actually didn’t get to finish the first project, but I revisited the site and found the Goodman Zone after a year, and I ended up making the first 3D printed camera!

How did you find Dora Goodman, and what made you decide to take the leap? 

I was searching online about 3D printing and photography and I think thats the first website that came up at the time! I was hooked as soon as I saw the custom made cameras and decided to print one of my own ! That’s also when I have more understanding about 3D printing and well, it is not that most complicated thing in the world !

Which model did you choose and why?

I picked the Zone because of the ease of construction and all parts can be recycled when I decided to move onto the One!

Did you made any change in the camera files? If yes, what and how? If not, is there anything that you would be happy to change?

I didn’t make any changes, however I decided to go for a marble filament and painting the inside of the camera black. I also did a custom handle before the file got released and I am quite happy about my own atm.

What was the most challenging part of building your own camera?

For mine, it was to prevent light from leaking, and I made my life harder by choosing a light leaking filament. I am still in the process of making it perfect!

How would you compare this journey to buying a ready made camera?

Completely different. You focus on the making and clearly can see your understanding of photography and camera along this journey. Your camera relates to your image, so much.

Show us some photos what you have made with your new camera!

Do you have any advice for first time camera builders?

Take your time, and maybe pick a dark filament to start with! 

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