Meet Richard!

Tell us about yourself first! What made you get into photography?

Professionally I’m a graphic designer and if I remember correctly it was in highschool when I was hooked on photography for the first time. My design teacher gave me a Zenit 12XP I’ve learned the basics on that camera. At first Roschenko’s and the Russian constructivists works had a big influence on me. Today this has shifted more towards Hervé, Capa, Bresson, Anseld Adams and more recently Burot Peterlin.

What is your preferred photography style and subjects to shoot?

At first I started to take portraits and street photos, but as time passed by I started to be a bit more deliberate and took things slower. Nowadays I mostly shoot cityscapes, architectural pictures and landscapes, mainly in black and white.

How did you get into building cameras?

I was always interested in building things. I like to understand how objects work.

How did you find Dora Goodman, and what made you decide to take the leap?

I’m following you on Instagram for a while now, what really got my attention was the Axis.

Which model did you choose and why?

I chose the Axis because I really wanted to learn basic camera movements for a long time now. Earlier I’ve used a giant Linhof technica at the University of Sopron, and I really liked it, but it is ridiculously large, heavy, expensive and I just couldn’t bring it with me for a hike whenever I wanted. Without proper practice I would never learn the correct technique.

Beautiful Goodman Axis camera built by Richard Kelemen

Did you made any change in the camera files? If yes, what and how? If not, is there anything that you would be happy to change?

I’ve made a couple of small changes. I’ve extruded the G67 mount a bit, that way the dark slide could be pulled out more easier, for the same reason I’ve also shrunk the knobs to 20mm in diameter. On the back I’ve used 2mm thick ground glass, and I’ve flipped the focusing mechanism in order to make the back more rigid. For my personally it is more comfortable to have the focusing knob on the back.

Show us some photos what you have made with your new camera!

What was the most challenging part of building your own camera?

I’ve only built the Goodman Axis for now, my main problem was to align everything exactly where it should be. For example I wanted to set the focusing mechanism exactly where I wanted, so whenever I use the camera it will be focused to infinity. Another difficulty was that the parts were printed with a lot of support, in some cases it was very tiresome or impossible to get rid of them neatly.

How would you compare this journey to buying a ready made camera?

I think both journey has their own excitements. If you build something on your own you’ll have a better understanding how particular parts and principles work. On the other hand if you buy something ready made, it has a certain reliability you can’t expect from a hand made object, if something is wrong with your gear you can blame the manufacturer, send it back etc. but if you made something on your own, that’s all on you. At the end of the day these are just tools, you have to know them in and out whether it’s handmade or manufactured.

Do you have any advice for first time camera builders?

Do not print the parts with supports, and if you are planning to use 2mm focusing screen like I did, reinforce the ground glass frame!

Do you have any previous projects that you could share with us?

I love making stuff but I’ve never built anything complex as a camera. I built a couch though and it’s pretty neat.

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