While the Goodman Zone camera's open source files will always be available free of charge for everyone, our pre-printed kit became live in order to accommodate our community’s needs - to help those who have no access to a 3D printer. Our goal was to provide a professional  medium format camera at an entry-level price and also to give the opportunity to everyone to experience the joy of building your own camera.


This Zone is printed in high resolution and it comes in a whole kit with all the parts printed, all the screws and decor pieces included, ready to be assembled.

The base kit also includes a lens holder, viewfinder and a cold flash mount free of charge.  

Lens and Magazine are NOT included!




The camera is compatible with the RB67 magazine (Pro S) and Mamiya Press lenses. We chose these options because it’s one of the cheapest and most easily accessible, it ensures professional picture quality at an affordable price. Furthermore we are already working on a 3D printed magazine and a focusing ring, which will also be availbale soon, meaing that your hands won't be tied anymore to the RB67 and Mamiya Press, but you will be able to use it with a wide varietry of lenses. 


In order to give more excitement for the building process in this first edition you can choose between carbon or faux leather decoration elements (free of charge). PLEASE ADD A NOTE TO YOUR ORDER ABOUT YOUR DECOR ELEMENT CHOICE!


If you are interested in additional helical lens adapter (for large format lenses) and  ground glass as well, please check out 3D printed accessories


For those who plan to 3D print their own Goodman Zone using our open source files, there is a hardware kit available with all the necessary parts for the assembly. Please click here for the hardware kit. 


A slight difference may exist between the photo and the product itself. Such differences may be caused by the uniqueness of each element used in the production, as well as a certain lighting used for the product photos.


In case of mass orders at the same time, a little delay in shipping can be expected. 


Prices are net prices. (EU orders will receive an additional 27% VAT on top of the listed prices)


Goodman Zone

$162.00 Regular Price
$113.40Sale Price
Grip ( + $27 )
Pinhole system ( + $39 )
Pro flash mount + smartphone holder ( + $39 )
Shutter cable holder ( + $16 )
Side strap holder ( + $16 )
Would you like us to assemble your camera? (+ $70)

    • 1 pre-printed Goodman Zone camera body with numbered certificate of authenticity
    • 1 lens holder 
    • 1 sport viewfinder
    • 1 cold flash mount
    • all the necessary hardware, tools and screws for assembling the camera and post processing
    • pre-cut carbon or faux-leather decor foils (optional, one foil is free of charge)

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Budapest - Hungary

Email:  goodmancamera@gmail.com