Goodman Zone is medium format camera that works with Mamiya Press lenses and Mamiya RB67 back. To satisfy the needs in our community we designed this additional helical ring and ground glass which can be easily mounted to the Zone (both to your own 3D printed one, and to our DIY kits)


Our Helical Lens Adapter is a  3D printed part that allows you to mount large format lenses to your Goodman Zone.  


The Goodman Ground Glass is an option for those who are struggling with procurring the necessary materials for a ground glass. Our ground glass holder is 3D printed and it works with a simple tracing paper. The result is just as good as the glass, but lightweight, not fragile and last but not least not expensive at all.


Before ordering please have a careful read at the specifications!! 



A slight difference may exist between the photo and the product itself. Such differences may be caused by the uniqueness of each element used in the production, as well as a certain lighting used for the product photos.


Prices are net prices. (EU orders will receive an additional 27% VAT on top of the listed prices)



Goodman Zone | Helical lens adapter and ground glass

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Which model do you need?
Which front plate size do you need?
  • The helical cylinder exists in different sizes:

    • Base model: this will fit those lenses that has a minimum of 86mm and a maximum of 113 mm flange focal distance

    • Long model: this will fit those lenses that has a minimum of 96mm and a maximum of 128 mm flange focal distance


    To choose the right part you have to know what is the focal length of your objective. Please make a careful reading on you particular one and examine the sizes to determine which helical cylinder fits your setup. 

    The front plate is available in 3 different diameter holes: 25mm (0.98 in), 28mm (1.1 in), 30mm (1.3 in).

    In case you need a unique front plate size, please send us an enquiry to, and we can 3D print that for you for a specific lens.



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