The SCURA hardware kit is for those who plan to 3D print the camera body for themselfes but still in the need of the precisely drilled 0.3 mm pinhole plate, the magnets for the shutter, and the necessary screws and key sets for the assembly.


When ordering please choose which Scura version would you like to get the hardware kit for: the 35mm edition or the 6x6 edition. 


For more detailed information about the SCURA pinhole camera please check the Product Page.


To assembly your own SCURA first you need sign up as a member on our website, then you will find the open source files under the "download" folder on your personal member site. Follow the instructions and print all the part, then assemble it with the help of the equipments in this hardware kit. 



Prices are net prices. (EU orders will receive an additional 27% VAT on top of the listed prices)


Scura | Hardware Kit

35 mm edition
6x6 edition
    • 1 laser drilled pinhole plate
    • 3 pieced of cylindrical magnet ø4x2mm
    • 1 set of faux-leather decor foil
    • 1 glass lens for the viewfinder
    • 8 M2x12 socket head allen screw with 8 M2 nut
    • 4 M3x45 socket head allen screw with 4 M3 nut
    • 1 M4x25 socket head allen screw with 1 M4 nut
    • 1 ⅜” male - ¼” female thread adaptor
    • allen key set of 3mm, 2.5mm and 1.5mm
    • 1 piece of red transparent frame counter window for the 6x6 edition




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