Handmade from genuine leather elements and high-tensile thread, the Skoon strap is characterised by a more classic approach.  The high-quality materials ensure it to be as durable and comfortable as possible.


Using either or both of the clasp and / or attached string part of the basic package, the Skoon strap can be attached to basically all type, size and weight cameras that have a regular attachment for camera lugs. The basic package also consists of a leather bumper as an extra protection for your camera.


The Skoon strap can freely be customized by purchasing an additional embossed text option. The embossing may be visible in the inside or the outside of the strap, and can be any max. 4 characters.


Each strap is serial numbered and comes in a premium gift box along a certificate of authenticity.


Skoon strap - Brown on brown

$95.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
  • Giftbox package contents:

    • 1 Skoon shoulder strap
    • 2 shackles
    • 2 swivel clasps
    • 2 attach strings
    • 2 bumpers
    • 1 certificate of authenticity



    • Strap: Leather
    • Thread: High-tensile thread
    • Shackle: Stainless steel
    • Swivel clasp: Zinc alloy
    • Attach string: High-tensile thread
    • Bumper: Leather



    • Strap: Chocolate brown
    • High-tensile thread: Light walnut
    • Attach string: Light walnut
    • Bumper: Chocolate brown



    • Strap + shackles : apr. 42 inches (apr. 107 cm)
    • Strap + shackles + clasps: apr. 44,5 inches (apr. 113 cm)
    • Strap + shackles + clasps + attach strings
      • Normal length attach string: additional: apr. 3 inches (apr. 8 cm)
      • Long attach string: additional apr. 7 inches (apr. 18 cm)


    A slight difference may exist between the photo and the product itself. Such differences may be caused by the uniqueness of each element used in the production, as well as a certain lighting used for the product photos.

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