In the photographers community many street photographers love shooting with a waist level finder on their compact digital camera. The fact that you don't need to raise it to your eye-level helps a lot in attracting less attention, and thanks to this more special moments can be shot. 


This first edition of our 3D printed Goodman WLF was designed for the Panasonic DMC-LX15 model, especially for those are looking for an easier way to stabilize their WLF camera. Using a strap you can hold it against your body, so it reduces motion blur which is great for recording videos as well. 


More version will come soon. 





A slight difference may exist between the photo and the product itself. Such differences may be caused by the uniqueness of each element used in the production, as well as a certain lighting used for the product photos.


These items are not pre-produced, production will start after receiving the finalised orders, one by one. In case of mass orders in a very short time, a slight delay in shipping can be expected. After placing an order, all customers will be contacted directly through e-mail and will be advised about the estimated shipping time. 


Prices are net prices. (EU orders will receive an additional 27% VAT on top of the listed prices)


WLF adapter for Lumix LX15


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